List of Accepted Papers

No. Paper Title Authors
1. Analysis of similarity among daily and weekly weather conditions: A case study of 30 years weather data A, Krishna Reddy, Kumara Swamy, G, D
2. Suitability of Data Models for Electronic Health Records Database Batra, Sachdeva
3. Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Feeds Garg, Chatterjee
4. Graphical Analysis and Visualization of Big Data in Business Domains Gupta, Sharma, Unny, Manjunath
5. Processing Spatio-Temporal Data On Map-Reduce Gupta, Lakshminarasimhan
6. Combining User Interested Topic and Document Topic for Personalized Information Retrieval K, R
7. Efficient Implementation of Web Search Query reformulation using Ant Colony Optimization K, R.
8. SemEnAl: Using Semantics for Accelerating Environmental Analytical Model Discovery Kannan, Srivastava, Uceda-Sosa, Schloss, Liu
9. Remote Interactive Visualization of Parallel Implementation of Structural Feature Extraction of Three-dimensional Lidar Point Cloud Kumari, Ashe, Nair.
10. Elections Again, Twitter May Help!!! A Large Scale Study for Predicting Election Results using Twitter Mehndiratta, Sachdeva, Sachdeva, Sehgal
11. Detecting Frauds and Money Laundering: A Tutorial Palshikar
12. Job Routing in Multi-site Print Shop Environment Paul, Muniyappa, Manohar
13. Energy Data Analytics for Industrial and Commercial Entities Singh
14. Exploring Kaguya Moon Mission Sensor Data by Locating Geographic Entities Suzuki, Suzuki, Chu, Terazono, Bhalla
15. NewsInstaMiner: Enriching News Article using Instagram Thakur, Patel, Kumar, Barua.
16. SARROD: SPARQL Analyzer and Reordering for Runtime Optimization on Big Data Tripathi, Banerjee.